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January 2018 A-Z POI update for all our Cabbie's Mate Apps and devices is now RELEASED. Point check: Facebook HQ, Fitzrovia, Rathbone Square, Rathbone Place, W1T 1FB. All our SUBSCRIPTION Cabbie's Mate apps are using 2017-18 A-Z maps (winter-December 2017 edition).

Please consider the environment before printing.

For more information: info@navigationmaster.com

User Manuals:
A-Z User Manual 2013
NavigationMaster User Manual 2013

Click here to download Knowledge Master UK ™ Updater
Download instructions for updater, A-Z Maps and A-Z POI update
Download instructions for updater and Navigation update

Useful Information:
Product details
Technical Specifications
Bluetooth 2.0 Mobile Support
NavigationMaster / iMove Western Europe Tele Atlas Map Coverage Area
NavigationMaster Demo
A-Z Demo
Guide to Download Speed Cam File for NavigationMaster
A-Z Cabbie's Mate App - Frequently Asked Questions
Changing to Mass Storage Mode

Free updates:
Free improvement updates do not require any download codes. Please download and install the updater, connect your 'Cabbie's Mate' and click on next to download the free available updates.

Customers who were issued a download code for one free A-Z POI update should enter this code on our updater tool. If you haven't already downloaded and installed the updater, please follow the instructions under 'Updater'

As from 7th January 2013 we are updating our A-Z POI four times a year; January-April-July-October. Customers who purchased after this day do not need a download code since their Cabbie's Mate has already been programmed to allow access to free lifetime A-Z POI updates. Please follow the instructions under 'Updater' and install the updater.