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January 2018 A-Z POI update for all our Cabbie's Mate Apps and devices is now RELEASED. Point check: Facebook HQ, Fitzrovia, Rathbone Square, Rathbone Place, W1T 1FB. All our SUBSCRIPTION Cabbie's Mate apps are using 2017-18 A-Z maps (winter-December 2017 edition).

Fleet SDK Solutions for Corporate Customers

We are pleased to offer off the shelf or bespoke mapping software and hardware solutions.

We are currently providing our mapping software solution to Dial a Cab. We would like to thank to Chairman Brian Rice, IT Director John Banks and the Board for choosing to use our CABBIE'S MATE navigation and A-Z mapping software package on their 2,000 new state of the art Mobile Data Terminals.

We have already provided our CABBIE'S MATE mapping software package to Computer Cab Plc to test on their proposed new Mobile Data Terminals. We are confident that eventually 3,000 members of Computer Cab will also enjoy our software. We would like to thank Malcolm Paice and Karl Maresch at ComCab for the opportunity.

What we have to offer is transferable to all fleets, be it couriers, ambulance services etc. Our navigation and A-Z mapping package can be integrated with third party software such as dispatch software. If you have a fleet and would like to benefit from our mapping and hardware solution please enquire.

4.3" and 5" Windows CE based GPS-GPRS devices
7" Android based 3G-GPS-GPRS devices   -   (Product Details)   -   (Technical Specifications)
7" Windows CE based 3G-GPS Mobile Data Terminals
8" Windows Embedded Compact7 based 3G-GPS Mobile Data Terminals
A-Z Fleet SDK Functions
NavigationMaster/iMove Fleet SDK

Functions include:
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Dual Camera
  • Android apps

Get your A-Z POI updates on the go.

Finds searched street, marks and draws a direct line from current GPS position to marked destination. Greater London postcodes included.
Our navigation software has a simple,
practical and easy to use interface.

Comprehensive London hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars data incorporated into the A-Z map poi data.

Secure and Complete