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January 2018 A-Z POI update for all our Cabbie's Mate Apps and devices is now RELEASED. Point check: Facebook HQ, Fitzrovia, Rathbone Square, Rathbone Place, W1T 1FB. All our SUBSCRIPTION Cabbie's Mate apps are using 2017-18 A-Z maps (winter-December 2017 edition).

About Us

History: In 2004, Knowledge Master UK was established to specifically service the growth of in-car navigation systems for professional taxi drivers. In 2006 the company was formed to accommodate the rigorous yet demanding needs of taxi drivers as well as other professional drivers. This is Knowledge Master's single mission.

Our company has invested a significant amount of time, money and research into understanding our target audience's needs. This has seen the development of our SafNav and 4.3", 5" and 7" A-Z+ CABBIE'S MATE units, both of which are equipped with high quality A-Z mapping software which has been developed by Knowledge Master UK.

Our Aim: As a company our aim has been to use our expertise to develop a diverse yet practical navigation system which is simple, reliable and most importantly enjoyable to use. We have designed our navigation system according to the needs of License London Taxi Drivers and Knowledge boys/girls (trainee taxi drivers), however the diversity of our device also enables it to be used by other professional drivers. All possible drivers' requirements were also considered during the development of our software and devices. Our challenge from day one has been to make life easier for professional drivers by making their needs central to everything we do.

We sincerely believe that you will enjoy using our SafNav and A-Z+ CABBIE'S MATE navigation systems and that is a promise.